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🇳🇴 Ulrikke Brandstorp & Villekulla sing ‘Attention’ on Allsang på Grensen

Ulrikke was joined by the Villekilla group of young singers

Ulrikke Brandstorp has performed on the Norwegian music show Allsang på Grensen. Singing her Eurovision 2020 entry ‘Attention’ she was joined by the Villekulla group of young singers.

The show is hosted at the Fredriksten Festning fortress in Halden, Norway. Like it’s Swedish counterpart Allsang på Skansen it has had to adapt it’s show around the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The audience is made up of small family groups rather than a large audience. Unable to welcome artists from abroad, the show this year will dedicate itself to celebrating the music of Norwegian artists. You can see the full lineup clicking here.

Some may remember the Villekilla group from the tribute they recorded for Ulrikke back in May after Eurovision 2020 was cancelled and we knew the singer would not be returning to represent Norway in 2021.

Ulrikke Brandstorp is a former student of Villekulla and in 2020 she won the Melody Grand Prix with the song ATTENTION. She was originally supposed to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam on May 16, 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic wanted it differently. With this tribute, 250 artists and musicians from Villekulla want to give Ulrikke a little patch on the wound by performing the superhit ATTENTION in her own hometown, Sarpsborg. This is our tribute to a wonderful artist that we are so fond of.

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