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🇪🇪 Elina Born collaborates with Villemdrillem on their new single ‘Niiea’

Say goodbye to yesterday and hello to a brand new single! Elina Born has teamed up with Estonian rapper Villemdrillem to bring us a chill new summer bop ‘Niiea’.

A car cruising down a seemingly endless Estonian road. Sitting inside of it? Elina Born and Villemdrillem! A simple, yet effective concept for the music video accompanying this chill new track. Don’t bother trying to write ‘Niiea’ into every dictionary you see online. It’s just a play on “Nii hea” (“So good”), getting rid of a few pesky letters, but keeping all those wonderful vowels Elina can bring to life with her beautiful voice. It’s the perfect match for Villemdrillem’s rap style as they spread some good vibes with a song that is sure to become a summer hit. You can listen to it on various platforms by following this link or you can check out the music video (directed by Patrik Prints) down below:


Think back to yesterday. Then the day before that. Then before that…all the way back to May of 2015, when Stig Rästa smiled to the dog, walked out of his house and landed right on the Eurovision stage with Elina Born. Together they managed to reach 7th place in the grand final, thanks to their stylish song and Elina’s power to effortlessly conjure up a single tear on her cheek. You can relive those emotions down below:

What are your thoughts on ‘Niiea’? Is it one of Elina Born’s best collaborative efforts? Do you think they used cruise control while filming the video?

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