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πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ Kristian Kostov releases sophomore EP, Mood:

Teased since February, Kristian Kostov has today released his latest EP Mood:. The three most recent singles, Honest, Better and Things I Like are all included along with three more tracks – two of which are written by prolific Eurovision songwriter Borislav Milanov.

“I’m finally getting close to finding my own sound”

When we spoke to Kristian Kostov in May, he told us that Mood: was like a mixtape of songs, across a variety of sounds and genres.

“With Mood: I wanted to show I have different styles of songs in one EP. I didn’t want to have an album because an album, for me, is like one story or a movie while an EP is a mixtape of songs. Like, every song is different. I wanted to have a song for each section of my fanbase to vibe too. That’s why it’s called Mood: – it’s different moods but the same kind of sound.”

Kristian Kostov talks about the creative direction of his “Mood:” EP.

With six tracks on the EP, “Thinking” opens the tracklisting. This previously unheard track shows a glimpse into the musical style that Kristian Kostov has developed in 2020 – optimistic and dreamy, yet not ignorant to the pain surrounding every one of us.

“Depressed on Wednesday” is ironically the happiest sounding song on the mini-album but tackles mental health issues from a refreshingly optimistic perspective whereas “Take Me Back” is a full-on nostalgia hit, making the most of the 80s inspired sounds that are hitting the charts worldwide courtesy of Dua Lipa and The Weeknd. It won’t surprise you to know that Borislav Milanov had a hand in that, along with the opening track “Thinking”.

Listen now

Mood: is available to stream now on all platforms.


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