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🇭🇷 Damir Kedžo released his new album “Poljubi Me Sad”

An album we needed for this summer <3

Croatian 2020 representative, Damir Kedžo, released his brand new album “Poljubi Me Sad” (eng.: Kiss Me Now) with a total of 14 songs including his 2020 entry for Croatia “Divlji Vjetre” and his latest single “Nedodirljiva”. The album features one song in English and the other 13 tracks are in Croatian. This is his second album after his 2008 released self -titled album. On Instagram, he describes the album as very personal and “made with a lot of love”.

“The title of the album is something I believe in endlessly. Love.”

Winning Dora 2020 made Damir Kedžo the Croatian representative for Eurovision in Rotterdam. His brand new album features his entry as well as the dance remix, his latest single and 11 songs more in Croatian mostly and one in English. “Poljubi Me Sad” is the perfect album for the summer and if you liked his Eurovision entry “Divlji Vjetre”, you will love this album. It’s filled with amazing songs.

On Instagram he describes the album as very personal and made with lots of love:

The title of the album, POLJUBI ME SAD, is something I believe in endlessly. Love. Each of these songs creates a special feeling in me, bringing me back to the moments of my life when I recorded them. They were different, but one thing remained the same: love for what I do and sincerity in wanting to connect with you who listen to them.

He will present the album at a special concert in Rijeka, Croatia this weekend to his fans. And while he was working on new music and his album he surely is enjoying the summer in beautiful Croatia!

Sadly, it was announced, that Damir won’t be internally selected to represent Croatia in 2021, but we hope to see him back and taking the stage at Eurovision! Fingers are crossed!

You can listen to Damir’s new album “Poljubi Me Sad” below:

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Watch Damir’s latest music video for his song “Nedodirljiva” here:

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