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🇬🇧 Katrina Leskanich releases new single “Drive”

As a preview to her upcoming album, Katrina from Katrina & The Waves has released a brand new song. The song is called “Drive” and everyone who is familiar with Katrina’s music will for sure love this upbeat rocky song.

Premiered on BBC Radio 2

On Friday, 24 July, Katrina released her brand new song “Drive”. The song premiered on BBC Radio 2 as she attended Ken Bruce’s radio show as a guest. During an interview with “The Publicity: Connection”, Katrina expressed her excitement. “That’s very exciting,” Katrina laughs. “It’s the very first step in the whole process. Ken Bruce is right up there, so yeah, I’m absolutely delighted! I can’t wait to hear it. It’s coming on a day when I’ve got to drive to the studio and I’m thinking what fun it would be to actually hear it on the radio as I’m driving. It’s one of the great moments in life!”

New album coming soon

As mentioned previously, “Drive” is the first released song from Katrina’s brand new album. The album wears the title “HEARTS, LOVES & BABYS” and comes out on 28 August. With this new album, Katrina guides you through her world. She wrote nine out of ten tracks by herself, she deals with a host of topics from life, love, relationships and bereavement to the simple pleasures of jumping into the car and hitting the open road. Are you excited for the album? You can presave it by clicking this link:

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