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🇲🇰 Vasil Garvanliev releases new single “PriKazna”

Over the last few weeks we've been treated to teasers, but today is the day!

Just now, Vasil Garvanliev released his new single “PriKazna” (Story) and premiered the new video on YouTube.

The North Macedonian has released his new single “PriKazna” along with a new music video. It is the second release since his Eurovision 2020 song, “You“, and will be part of an upcoming album later in the year.

Vasil wrote the song himself but also worked with Tanja Brkovska (lyricist) and his musical ‘partner in crime’ Davor Jordanovski, who is producer of “PriKazna”. The production team behind the video is Digital Box, with Jelmaz Dervishi as creative director. Watch the new “PriKazna” music video below…

The song begins with the lyrics: “Hey, what the heck is happening to me?” which Vasil says is his “capturing and addressing the present times we all live and face globally.”

Vasil is known for his own unique conceptual style, and “PriKazna” is yet another innovative step further through movement and body language – an expression of his story as ‘self battle’. What is the message of the song? Vasil explains more…

“No matter what comes our way, it is our duty to stay true to ourselves and share our story with as many people as we can. #MyStory”

Vasil Garvanliev, 2020
Vasil Garvanliev releases “PriKazna”

Want to know more about Vasil Garvanliev?

We found there was so much more to learn about Vasil when we sat down to chat to him. In a very open and honest interview, we spoke about his journey across the world and into music. We also discuss immigrating to the USA, Eurovision 2020, and the latest on his possible selection as the 2021 artist for North Macedonia. Here’s a story of sheer perserverence through adversity, and using the good advice of great minds to pursue your dream.

You can view that interview article HERE, via the video below, and on our ESCXTRA YouTube channel.

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