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🇸🇪 Molly Hammar releases ‘Get to Know Me First’ with Julie Bergan & AWA

Two-time Melodifestivalen participant Molly Hammar, has been continuing to release new music for her fans. For her latest release she join forces with Julie Bergan (known for duetting with Benjamin Ingrosso on his song ‘I’ll Be Fine Somehow’) and AWA (recently named as as 2020 ‘Artist to Watch’ by Vevo) for the song ‘Get to Know Me First.

Molly co-wrote her latest release with Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 representative Benjamin Ingrosso, as well as Markus Sepehrmanesh and Philip Holmgren.

About ‘Get to Know Me First’

The summery uptempo song, with its catchy melody shows a sense of sisterhood, as well as the importance of supporting women, throughout the world. Upon the release of the track, all of the artists, about their thoughts on the track and collaborating together.

When I wrote the lyrics for “Get To Know Me First”, it started as a tribute to single life and as a woman at the same time dare to set boundaries and not “settle for less”. I was so happy when AWA and Julie wanted to be part of the song when I, partly think they are awesome and partly want us women to continue to tease each other even more together. It’s a tribute to us women!

Molly Hammar on ‘Get to Know Me First’ and her collaboration with Julie and AWA

Get To Know Me First” is a real feel good song and I am proud to sing it together with my talented girls Molly and AWA.

I love collaborating with other artists, but all female collaborations feel extra special to me. People always try to pit women against each other, when in fact we feel the opposite! We support each other and have each other’s backs. I hope that this song can inspire other women not to be afraid to set their own boundaries, to know their value and also inspire other women to pep and praise each other.

Julie Bergan on ‘Get to Know Me First’ and her collaboration with Molly and AWA

“Get To Know Me First” makes me happy! It makes me feel sexy, free and powerful, especially since I’re releasing the song with my female friends. And yes, I must point out that we are women because we are always compared to each other in our industry. I am a big proponent of self-love which is the most important love of them all. I hope we can inspire others to love all parts of themselves and not let themselves be diminished by other people.

AWA on ‘Get to Know Me First’ and her collaboration with Molly and Julie

Listen to ‘Get to Know Me First’

You are now able to listen to Molly’s latest collaboration with Julie Bergen & AWA via the following streaming platforms:


Apple Music

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Molly Hammar at Melodifestivalen

In 2015, Molly made her debut at Melodifestivalen, as she opens the 2015 edition of the series, with her song ‘I’ll Be Fine‘. At her first attempt, Molly placed 6th.

A year later, Molly returned to the competition with her song ‘Hunger’. For her second participation, Molly managed to make it to the Second Chance round of the competition. Despite not making the final, Molly was part of Maltese 2016 Eurovision team, as a backing vocalist. Being the co-writer of Ira Losco’s ‘Walk on Water‘, which placed 12th overall.

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