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🇩🇪 Netflix announced German Comedy Drama ‘The Last Word’ Starring Anke Engelke

Pre save the Germany Comedy with our ESC 2011 host now

Next month Netlfix will release a new show featuring the Eurovision 2011 host, Anke Engelke, in the lead role. The German Netflix Original Series The Last Word starring Anke Engelke airs exclusively on Netflix worldwide on September 17th.

Death does not have “the last word”

Anke Engelke will play a funeral eulogy speaker who loses faith in her work and tries to sabotage her husband’s funeral in “The Last Word,” an original comedy-drama out of Germany for Netflix.

“Just like in real life, drama and humor are clashing constantly,” Engelke said of the series. “Family and relationships, loss and grief, life and death, the absurdities of life, the rediscovery of strength and lust for life, it is all in there – so beautiful it makes you cry.”

This week Netflix released the first teaser on their social media accounts. In the next weeks upon the release on September 17th, a full trailer will drop.

You can watch the first teaser (in German) below and pre-save the show on Netflix HERE!

Anke in the Eurovision Song Contest

Anke Engelke hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf together with Judith Rakers and Stefan Raab. In 2012 she was the German spokesperson and she also hosted the German national final “Unser Song Für Malmö” in 2013!

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