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🇳🇴 KEiiNO’s Fred Buljo to take part in Norwegian version of Dancing with the Stars

From the Eurovision stage to the dancing stage! It has been revealed that Fred Buljo from KEiiNO will be in this year’s lineup of Skal Vi Danse (Norwegian Dancing with the Stars).

Spirit in the Stars

The 2020 edition of Skal Vi Danse will begin on 5 September. The news of Fred’s participation was announced this week via KEiiNO’s social media pages.

Fred will be competing with 11 other famous faces from Norway in the hope to become the winner of the 16th season.

This isn’t the first time a Eurovision star has put on their dancing shoes for the show. Agnete, who represented Norway in Eurovision 2016, won the 10th season of Skal Vi Danse. In addition, Adelén won the following season. Her entry “Bombo” was entered in the country’s national selection in 2013, which finished 2nd.

Other Eurovision stars that have taken part include Stella Mwangi, Maria Haukaas, Elisabeth Andreassen and Tor Endersen.

KEiiNO in Eurovision 2019

KEiiNO were selected to represent Norway in Eurovision 2019 after winning Melodi Grand Prix. Their entry “Spirit in the Sky” finished 6th in the final with 331 points.

Do you think Fred will do well in this year’s Skal Vi Danse? Let us know in the comments!

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