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๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ Slideback Sunday: When Finland went folk

Last week, Angeolos took on a trip down memory lane to Austria in 1990. This week, we go to another decade start, but a little further north and a little more recently to Finland in 2010. 

An underwhelming start of the decade

Following the grandiose and LED-filled stage of 2009, the 2010 edition may have been a bit of set back for some. But to me, the 2010 edition will always be a special one as it is the first one I watched! Growing up in Italy during the long years of non-participation I never knew about the contest…tragic isn’t it? But finding myself in Norway the year they last hosted, I couldn’t not watch. That year, one of the songs I remembered most (dictated by good Finnish friends maybe) was Finland’s Kuunkuiskaajat and their song “Työlki Ellää“. The decade unfortuntely didn’t start well for the nordic nation, who missed out on a spot in the final for a mere 4 points, just behind Moldova and the charm of Epic Sax Guy.

Folk, national language, accordion and strings…everything I like!

My favourite Finnish entry of the 2010s is without a doubt “Something Better” by Softengine which was on my top 3 in 2014. However, that has already been covered by this feature so I happily decided to cover my second favourite instead. That is the song almost impossible to pronounce for a non-Finn…”Työlki ellää” which means “One can work for a living too”. It’s no secret that one of my favourite things about Eurovision is when I get to hear songs that really show the traditions of a country. LoveWave, Jan Jan, Always and many Balkan entries feature among my favourite entries ever for that exact reason. And Työlki ellää does this to me as well. I think Finnish is a beautiful and oh so unique language and as a strings and accordion lover, how can I possibly not love this? Also, having grown up in the countryside, the lyrics gave me a nostalgic sense as it felt like my grandmother telling me stories about her youth and the long winter nights spent discussing with other people around the fire. The music video captures that perfectly too. This song should have definitely made the cut (how did Belarus qualify?) but I think it suffered from a lack of LED screens. On another year, it probably would have fared better..but maybe I am biased?

What others had to say


I am yet to discover Finland’s entries pre-2012. I got to say, even though I have rarely listened to this, it has made a good impression on me already. I really like the instrumentation of the track, and is sure making me want to take part in a square dance. The feel-good vibe is just making me want to just sing and clap along. I have to say tho, I would not mind seeing Finland send songs within these genre again. With something really catchy they could do something good.


Finland has gone through some weird phases at Eurovision. After bombarding us with loud rock for a couple of years, they came up with a dance track and then a folky number? The name of the group honestly is the most Finnish thing to ever grace the Eurovision stage. I loved this so much ten years ago and I now blame puberty for that. I was weird. I mean, it’s a fun song, but it didn’t really fit in with Eurovision that year and looking back, it’s a bit… nothingy as well. I still enjoy it when listening to it, but I wouldn’t put it on by request.


To me, Finland is one of the most honest countries at Eurovision. No matter what the world might think, the Finns send their own thing. With varying success. From their tango tradition, represented by superstar Jari Sillanpää, to Nordic rock like Lordi, to Finnish folk music inspired entries like Työlki Ellää, they do their own thing. This is such a happy entry, it even has an accordion, and they are vocally flawless. I love entries in other languages than English, and I love entries where the country’s musical traditions are represented, so this is an entry I very much approve of. It wasn’t my favorite in the 2010 contest (Hello, maNga!), but I really don’t understand how it didn’t qualify for the final. My favorite Finnish Eurovision entry isn’t really a Eurovision entry; Nightwish’ “Sleepwalker”. Not selecting this masterpiece to represent them might be the biggest Eurovision mistake any country has ever made.


How. Did. This. Not. Qualify. This is one of the moments when I disagree with jury, even though I’m 100% sure we need them in the contest. But juries should be at least a bit tolerant to fun entries, especially when they are so unique and well performed. This is one of my favourite finish entries in the past 20 years and I love everything about it: the song, the main girls, the backs/dancers, instruments, staging – everything. Amazing entry!

And what do YOU think of Finland’s 2010 entry? Do you think it should have qualified for the final? What is your favourite Finnish entry at the contest?

Don’t forget to come back next Sunday for another throwback that will take us to…Albania!

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  1. I love this one! I appreciate its street fair vibe, along with the sheer sense of joy. Of course it should\’ve qualified instead of Butterflies, which didn\’t have any redeeming qualities whatsoever…
    My favorite Finnish entry is Fantasiaa from 1983.

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