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🇮🇹 Sanremo 2021 – “No plan B, it goes ahead or it’s Cancelled

Green light or red light. There is no amber.

According to local reports coming out from Italy, the artistic director of Sanremo Music Festival Amadeus has excplicitly stated that there is no plan B for the festival. “It goes ahead or is cancelled”

Sanremo Music Festival 2021 (Sanremo 70+1) is scheduled to take place on 2-6th March 2021.

What Amadeus stated

Amadeus makes other programmes for the Italian broadcaster RAI and has spoken about his experiences about producing shows without an audience in these Covid_19 days. Here’s what he had to say.

The coronavirus leaves the TV the ability to adapt. Without the public we are making a TV that we never imagined doing, even in February when we did Sanremo in total normality.

Twenty days later I did The Usual Unknowns without an audience and with the distance between the competitors and the ‘Unknowns’. Now we can’t wait to get back to normal.

Then issues this crucial statement.

The 2021 Festival, what for me is 70 + 1, must be the first post Coronavirus, that of rebirth: it must be the festival of normality after the pandemic

There’s more

He also goes into more detail about the wider production of Sanremo and how that impacts it going ahead.

An empty Ariston, or with a distant audience, the members of the orchestra being two meters apart from each other is unthinkable. So, if we were to understand that it still cannot be done without masks, the only solution would be to cancel.

Faith will lead the way

Fortunately, there’s optimism among the organising team.

We want to be positive, obviously, and to think that in March we can go back to life as it once was, to everyday life

It’s clear to see what the goal is. Sanremo must take place in front of an audience like all 70 editions that has preceeded it.

As yet there is still no more information regarding Sanremo and it’s involvement in Italy’s selection for Eurovision 2021. But we will bring you more as it breaks.

Are you hopeful that the illustrious and much anticipated festival goes ahead. If so who would you love to submit an entry and get the possibile opportunity to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest? Please comment below or get in touch with us @escxtra on all social media platforms and then subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Spotify for curated playlists.

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  1. That\’s not what he saied! He saied that he prefer to do it later (if Coronavirus still stay) but with an audience on the theater! Like always in Italy, they take the sentence, they change it as they want and they create the scandal. Fake news…

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