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πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Philipp Kirkorov says he has promised to win Eurovision for Russia

As we say in Russia, God likes the trinity

Philipp Kirkorov seems quite determined to win Eurovision at any costs. What can we expect?

Recently the Zhara Music Awards 2020 press conference took place in Moscow, Russia. Philipp Kirkorov, famous Russian singer and producer (also known as Russian representative at the Eurovision 1995), attended the event as well. One of journalists asked Philipp whether he and Sergey Lazarev would accept to represent Russia at the Eurovision for the third time. Taking into account the previous statements, no doubt the answer was positive πŸ™‚

Certainly. God likes the trinity, as we say in Russia. Probably, Sergey doesn’t think of it now but I guess in the bottom of his heart he has a desire to get this satisfaction and finally win the contest. I have promised to win Eurovision whatever it takes and I will. It would be much better to do this with the best singers. In my opinion, Sergey Lazarev is one of them for sure.

Philipp Kirkorov for Zhara Music Awards 2020 press conference

It’s worth mentioning that right after the Eurovision 2019 Sergey Lazarev claimed he wouldn’t mind taking part in the contest for the third time if the Russian broadcaster would approach him with such offer. However, he also said there is a risk for returning artists to drop the previous position.

Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Russia’s first appearance at the Eurovision happened in 1994 when Youddiph represented the country with her song “Vechni Stranik (Eternal Wanderer)”.

Currently Russia has only one trophy won by Dima Bilan at the Eurovision 2008 in Belgrade. However, most entries were quite successful and reached the top 5 numerous times.

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