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🇺🇦 Verka Serduchka releases new EP ‘Sexy’

Verka Serduchka, who’s real name is Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko, has been very busy since her second place in Eurovision 2007. She has become an icon amongst Eurovision fans and has released many songs since then. Now, she is back to bless fans with 4 new songs!

For the fans

Verka has said that this EP is for the fans, who “have given us so much warmth and support all these years.” She says that everyone should keep smiling and dancing, despite the current situation.

Most song titles speak for themselves. “Swedish Lullaby”, the first track, is an ode to Sweden, but more importantly an ode to self-love and confidence. “Sexy” is all about having fun and feeling good while you are dancing at a party. “Disco Kicks” is not only an 80s throwback, but also a song that celebrates all gender identities, and that hopes everyone can walk the street safely, whatever their identity is. The last track, “Make It Rain Champagne” celebrates not only the alcoholic drink, but also the love and feeling of togetherness that everyone needs right now!

Listen to it now!

Have you gotten excited about these tracks? Good news! You can check them out on several streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. To make it easier, just press the link below!

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Bente van Leijden

I have watched Eurovision every year since 2009, and have become actively involved in the fan culture since 2016! My favourite genre in Eurovision tends to be rock, but I am not opposed to pop songs or ballads at all. If the song is good, I will like it :) As an Amsterdam native, I am very lucky to visit Eurovision in Concert each year. In 2021, I was even lucky enough to attend 5 Eurovision shows in Rotterdam!

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