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🇷🇺 Little Big’s ‘Uno’ to be featured in Just Dance 2021

If anyone happens to see someone desperately fail at doing the splits on their balcony, then don’t be alarmed. That’s just me practicing for the release of Just Dance 2021!

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No matter the state of the world, one thing remains the same. There’s a new Just Dance game coming out! It’s ready to get people’s butts shaking and legs moving in front of their screens. The big news here for all of us Eurovision fans is the fact that Little Big’s ‘Uno’ will be one of the tracks featured on the soundtrack. Yes, soon (November 12, 2020 to be exact) you can put yourself to the test and try to re-create the choreography in your own living room.

A cool and colorful little video posted on YouTube by Just Dance shows off the various cartoonish characters dancing along to the catchy song. It’s not just all leg shaking and splits either, there are plenty of new dance moves added to the mix. One of them even has the character’s head grow three times as big. Not sure I will be able to re-create that, but I will certainly try! You can check the video out for yourselves down below:

Just Dance to Skibidi

This isn’t the first time Little Big have been featured in the series, their smash hit ‘Skibidi’ was part of Just Dance 2020. Back when people were still allowed to go outside, everyone was busy moving around like they had ants in their pants and you can relive the fun madness by watching the original music video down below:

Are you excited to play Just Dance 2021? Do you know all the moves by heart? Where am I going to find pants just like the ones in the video?

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