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🇧🇾 Valerie and Vladislav of VAL announce their engagement

Belarus’ 2020 Eurovision act VAL, consisting of Valerie Gribusova and Vladislav Pashkevich, have told their Instagram followers some special news: the duo have gotten engaged!

Popping the question

VAL have been residing in Montenegro for a while, most likely getting a well-deserved break, but also avoiding the political turmoil taking place in Belarus. The couple have been very involved in the Belarusian protests, which is also claimed to have been related to their non-participation in Rotterdam in 2021. Still, VAL has clearly been having fun in Montenegro, including a hike up one of the highest points of the country: Mount Lovćenis. According to their Instagram, this is where Vladislav asked Valerie to marry him!

Not without struggle

However, their Instagram post also reveals the struggles they faced while trying to reach the top of the mountain.

 At the end of the route, a cafe was marked on the map, but upon reaching it, it turned out that the building was for sale, not a soul was around. 132 stories, 23,465 steps, and 16 kilometres (according to the Health app), and we wander into a dead end, in the middle of the wild forest

“We had to walk back for a little bit, returned to the road (the part along our minibus went), to wait for a hitchhiker, who would bring us somewhere where there was civilization.

Thankfully, the couple made it thanks to the kindness of strangers, and they managed to get the view they were searching for. This is where, despite all the struggles, Valerie said ‘da’ to the proposal!

The ESCXTRA team wishes them all the best!

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