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🇱🇻 Markus Riva and Samanta Tīna release new single ‘Man Nesanāk’

New collab alert! This time from two highly respected and popular names in the Latvian music industry. Markus Riva and Samanta Tīna have just released their new single ‘Man Nesanāk’.

A new single for Markus’ latest album

‘Man Nesanāk’ (‘I cannot get it’) will be included in Markus’ upcoming album due to be released next month. Markus is no stranger to collaborating with other artists. Having previously worked with the likes of Aminata, Intars Busulis and Dinārs Rudāns, it was only a matter of time before he would approach Samanta.

“I really like musical collaborations, and I enjoy working in the studio with other artists – it’s very interesting to experience how a song turns out when another person gives it its personality. There was no new duo this year, and I thought why not create one with Samanta. To my delight, she agreed. And together this has been not only productive, but a very interesting and fun adventure.”

Markus Riva on collaborating with Samanta Tīna

Meanwhile, Samanta recalled her last duet in Latvian back in 2012 and was more than happy to do another with Markus.

“There has not been a duo in Latvian in my work for a long time. As listeners will definitely remember the song ‘Esi man klāt’ together with Rassell in 2012. I liked Markus’ duo with Dinārs so much that when Markus addressed me, I agreed to this collaboration without hesitation. I am very happy with the result.”

Samanta Tīna

‘Man Nesanāk’ was awarded with a scholarship by the Latvian Association of Musicians and Producers (LaIPA). It was produced by Gints Stankevičs, who has worked with Markus for many years. A Russian version of the song is said to be coming soon.

You can listen to Markus and Samanta’s new single on the following platforms:



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