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🇸🇪 Sanna Nielsen releases new single ‘Decembernatt’

Sweden’s Eurovision 2014 representative Sanna Nielsen is not just known for competing at Melodifestivalen seven times. She also releases original composition for the holidays.

This time, she has released her new single ‘Decembernatt’ (translated to December Night), which is her first Christmas single since she released Christmas Candle back in 2018.

About ‘Decembernatt’

Upon the release of the song, Sanna gave a bit more insight on what the song is about:

For me, the song “Decembernatt” is about longing, and longing is probably what I have done most during the year 2020. This strange year when we have not been able to socialize as we usually do.

Sanna Nielsen on Decembernatt (translated)

It was revealed that the songwriters of the track Peter Kvint and Peter Jacobsson Morén worked on the song, during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Me and Peter wrote together “Decembernatt” in the middle of the first corona wave, and I think it can be heard in the song. I had not met my parents in two months and I remember we talked about the summer being uncertain. We thought, “What if this lasts until Christmas? How many will miss their loved ones ”. We then wrote the song from that perspective

Peter Kvint on Decembernatt (translated)

Speaking about the track, Peter Jacobsson Morén asks listeners to look at the broader picture of the song, and compliments Sanna’s interpretation of the lyrics:

The hope in the song is to be able to make involuntarily broken contacts, perhaps with Christmas celebrations, with those who have not been allowed to meet and have had to hold on for a long time when reality has been put on pause. But it can also be read as threads being taken up of a more romantic kind. The listener decides. Sanna has made a fantastic interpretation and we hope and believe that the message and feeling in the song reaches far beyond December.

Peter Jacobsson Morén on Decembernatt (translated)

Listen to ‘Decembernatt’

You are now able to listen to Sanna’s latest single via the following streaming platforms:


Apple Music

Moreover, you can follow our updated ‘Eurovision Christmas’ playlist on Spotify, where you are able to listen to other Christmas songs released by your favourite Eurovision and National Final artists:

Sanna Nielsen at the Eurovision Song Contest

After taking part in Melodifestivalen seven times, Sanna Nielsen won Melodifestivalen in 2014, with her song ‘Undo’, which was written by Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah.

Her participation in Copenhagen saw her bring Sweden to the Grand Final for the fourth consecutive year in a row, where she managed to place 3rd overall with 218 points.

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