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🇪🇸 Aitana teams up with Katy Perry and Tiësto for “Resilient Remix”

Megastars align for one banging remix!

She’s the Spanish superstar who rose to fame on the reality TV show Operación Triunfo and nearly represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest. Now Aitana teams up with one of the best pop stars and DJs in a remix of Katy Perry’s song “Resilient”. Furthermore it’s already got international play!

About “Resilient”

“Resilient” was already a track on Katy Perry’s latest album “Smile”. The song is a midtempo pop song with an electronic production. It already got a music video to accompany the song under the umbrella “The Smile Video series”. You can see and also hear the song in it’s original version below.

Part 2 – The Remix

Now here is when it gets interesting. When you build a list of fellow artists Katy Perry could team up with for a collaboration you might not have Aitana at the top of your lists! But that’s when your wrong!

Oh go on! Let’s revisit that legendary performance of “Lo Malo” with Ana Guerra!

Not only did Katy approach the Spanish superstar but Katy decided that she wanted to give the production a boost. So what better than ask the “Adagio For Strings” Dutch DJ mega star Tiësto to add to the team!

The remix is more radio friendly with a traditional EDM beat and Aitana’s signature vocal shines through and teams up with Katy’s voice really well. You can see for yourself below.

As you can see here, Aitana has finally graced the British radiowaves!

Add some Resilience to your playlists

To add the “Resilient Remix” to your Spotify playlist please use the link below.

There’s more. For all your New Music Friday needs from all your national final and Eurovision favourites we have the perfect playlist for you! As you can clearly see below.

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