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🇪🇸 Soleá: “Even though we are going through rough times, we always have to try and look forward.”

ESCXTRA: As of this time, you would have recorded your performance for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Is there anything you can tell us about the performance? Will you have big choreography as you did for your music video?

I can only say that I had a great time and that you will have a great time watching it!

ESCXTRA: As we all know, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will look very unique this year. What was your reaction like when you got to hear that you won’t be performing in Warsaw on the 29th of November?

I was sad, but at the same time I understand it and share it perfectly. We have to be responsible with our lives and with the lives of those around us.

ESCXTRA: Last Question, Do you have a message to the readers at ESCXTRA?

Thank you very much for reading my interview. Without people behind the screens this wouldn’t be possible. I hope you enjoy my song and always look PALANTE!

We would like to thank the Spanish Delegation, along with PEPS Music Group, for making this interview with Soleá possible.

This article was compiled by, Tim Jumawan, Dominik Rössing, Bente van Leijden and Aline van Rossem.

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