Soleá: “Even though we are going through rough times, we always have to try and look forward.”

With the Junior Eurovision Song Contest fast approaching the ESCXTRA team had the chance to speak with some of the participants, who will be representing their country at this year’s contest.

The next participant we got the chance to ask questions for is Spain’s Junior Eurovision 2020 representative Soleáwhere we got to know her a bit more, as well as asking her about her participation at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

We managed to ask a lot of questions from Soleá, so make sure you click through the pages:

ESCXTRA: What should the people know about Soleá?

I am a very happy kid, with a lot of energy. I love being with my family and Friends and dance and play with my sisters.

ESCXTRA: When you are not on stage, what do you like to do in your free time?

I love to dance and write different songs with my father, sisters and cousins.

ESCXTRA: What is your favorite place in Spain?

My favourite place in Spain in Sevilla, the city where I live!

ESCXTRA: What is your favorite and least favorite subject in school?

My favourite subject is Music and Art but I also like maths a lot!

ESCXTRA: Which artists are your biggest idols? Who would you love to collaborate with?

My biggest idols are mostly spanish like Alejandro Sanz or Rosario but I also love Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder and Julia Michaels.

ESCXTRA: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what do you wanna see there?

I would love to go everywhere in the world because I am very young and I have hardly travelled. Specially, I would love to go to America.

ESCXTRA: Have you met any previous Spanish Junior Eurovision or Eurovision artists? if you haven’t, who would you love to meet one day?

YES! I met Melani because she is part of Peps Music Group, on the day they said I was going to represent Spain at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She came to give me a surprise. She is very very nice and I can now say we are friends because we still talk through social media.

ESCXTRA: You are just nine years old, but you already have experience as a singer, dancer, model and actress! What was the most fun thing you did so far and why?

Everything is very fun! I love being on stage but singing is my favorite thing out of the three.

ESCXTRA: What is your favourite song from the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

I love all of the songs of this year. I think we have each made different songs and styles. It’s very fun to listen to all of them.

ESCXTRA: What was your first reaction, when you found out that you will be representing Spain at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

I was in shock. I thought I was going to a photo shoot, and suddenly I was representing my country in the most important contest. Amazing! I shouted.

ESCXTRA: We saw clips of you recording ‘Palante’, what was the experience like recording your Junior Eurovision entry.

I loved it! It was my first time recording my own song and I love the song so it was crazy! I will never forget it.

ESCXTRA: What does your entry ‘Palante’ mean to you?

Palante means everything to me right now. We are going through a very hard time globally and with this song, I am trying to say that even though we are going through rough times, we always have to try and look forward.

ESCXTRA: After you have released the music video for ‘Palante’, the song has become a Tik-Tok challenge amongst Eurovision fans. How does it feel that people from all over the world are dancing to the track?

I love watching every Tik-Tok to the song. When I finish school I always ask my dad to lend me his phone, so I can see the dance. There are people that do it amazingly!!

ESCXTRA: As of this time, you would have recorded your performance for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Is there anything you can tell us about the performance? Will you have big choreography as you did for your music video?

I can only say that I had a great time and that you will have a great time watching it!

ESCXTRA: As we all know, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will look very unique this year. What was your reaction like when you got to hear that you won’t be performing in Warsaw on the 29th of November?

I was sad, but at the same time I understand it and share it perfectly. We have to be responsible with our lives and with the lives of those around us.

ESCXTRA: Last Question, Do you have a message to the readers at ESCXTRA?

Thank you very much for reading my interview. Without people behind the screens this wouldn’t be possible. I hope you enjoy my song and always look PALANTE!

We would like to thank the Spanish Delegation, along with PEPS Music Group, for making this interview with Soleá possible.

This article was compiled by, Tim Jumawan, Dominik Rössing, Bente van Leijden and Aline van Rossem.

Soleá’s Junior Eurovision journey

On September 9, Soleá was revealed as Spain’s sixth Junior Eurovision representative. Her entry ‘Palante’ was composed by César G. Ross, ASHA and Bruno Valverde.

A month later, her Junior Eurovision entry ‘Palante’ was released, with an energetic music video, which was shot in her hometown Seville.

You are able to get to know Soleá a bit more, by heading to her Junior Eurovision profile, by clicking right here. You are also able to follow Soleá on her Instagram account by clicking right here.

Spain at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Despite only taking part of the contest five times, Spain actually had a pretty good track record in it. They nabbed the trophy in 2004 with María Isabel and “Antes muerta que sencilla”, NEARLY nabbed it by ending second in 2003 and 2005 AND finished fourth when they last participated in 2006.

In 2019, Spain confirmed their return to the contest, and was represented by Melani Garcia with the song ‘Marte’, where they ended up placing 3rd with 212 points.

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