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🇷🇺 Little Big to submit songs for Eurovision 2021

Russian band Little Big have taken the Eurovision world by storm, with their entry ‘Uno’ becoming the most viewed song on the Eurovision YouTube channel. With the cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, fans have anxiously been waiting for the announcement of the band’s return, but with nothing but rumours so far. However, Little Big revealed in an interview with Radio Energy that they are planning to submit a song for Eurovision 2021.

Several songs in the making

Radio Energy asked the band about their upcoming plans for the next year, hinting at a possible Eurovision comeback. Little Big confirmed, as fans were hoping for, that they are interested in returning to the contest next year. They will submit not one, but several songs to the people in charge of Russia’s Eurovision entry. In the interview they said:

We don’t have the song now. It’s a contest anyway, you have to prepare for it. Many people think we automatically qualify for 2021 but it’s not true. We need a song first but there’s none for Eurovision yet. Probably we’re going to record and submit several songs soon. If they like it, we’ll go (to Rotterdam), if not, we’re not going anywhere then. It’s the internal selection after all. We don’t have any precise plans but there’s a chance we’ll go (to Rotterdam). We’ll submit songs anyway but not sure about the result.

While there is no confirmation that we will see Little Big on the Eurovision stage next year, there is now a possibility that the band will join the list of artists who are coming back to Rotterdam in 2021. Until then, you can relive their iconic entry on Just Dance!, or practice your Russian by watching the Radio Energy interview here:

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Bente van Leijden

I have watched Eurovision every year since 2009, and have become actively involved in the fan culture since 2016! My favourite genre in Eurovision tends to be rock, but I am not opposed to pop songs or ballads at all. If the song is good, I will like it :) As an Amsterdam native, I am very lucky to visit Eurovision in Concert each year. In 2021, I was even lucky enough to attend 5 Eurovision shows in Rotterdam!

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