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Eurovision movie sequel reportedly in the works

Will it be "Double Trouble" for Fire Saga?

Entertainment website We Got This Covered are reporting that Netflix are planning a sequel to this year’s Eurovision movie, The Story of Fire Saga, starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. Will Ferrell is no stranger to sequels after previously starring in follow-ups to films like Anchorman, Daddy’s Home and The Lego Movie.

Netflix are yet to confirm or deny that they are planning a second ‘Eurovision’ movie but the news come from the same unnamed source that reported follow-ups to the Netflix films Extraction and Witcher, before they were announced by the streaming giant.

A return for the “utterly heartwarming” film?

Despite many worrying that Will Ferrell’s take on Eurovision wouldn’t show the much-loved contest off in its best light, the first film turned out to be a success with our editors calling it an “enjoyable comedy” that was “utterly heartwarming”.

Even though current details about the possible sequel are “vague”, it will reportedly “focus on another Eurovision Song Contest” edition. Just like with this year’s release, which was first reported to be in the works back in June 2018, we expect more details to be revealed over the coming months.

Netflix may be considering a sequel due to the success of ‘The Story of Fire Saga’ which not only has been added to Netflix’s “For Your Consideration” list but has also been nominated for a Grammy Award. The soundtrack proved to be very popular immediately after the movie’s release with “Husavik” appearing in iTunes charts across the world.

Will we be seeing a Eurovision sequel hit Netflix in the next few years? What would be your ideal storyline for another Fire Saga adventure?

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