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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Ilse DeLange releases her new single “I’ll Hold On”

As the cold winter settles, Dutch superstar Ilse DeLange provides some warmth with her new song “I’ll Hold On”.

“I’m on my way again, I’ll hold on”

You may remember Ilse DeLange as one part of The Common Linnets, who represented The Netherlands at Eurovision 2014. If you liked “Calm After The Storm”, her latest release may be up your alley too.

“I’ll Hold On” is a beautiful guitar driven ballad with a strong country flavor. Ilse sings about finding one’s way back, and holding on until you do.

I’m on my way again
To find my way till then
I’ll hold on

Lyrics from “I’ll Hold On”

You can stream the song on Spotify or listen to it on YouTube!
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Ilse DeLange at the Eurovision Song Contest

Ilse DeLange represented The Netherlands at Eurovision 2014 as a part of The Common Linnets. They finished in 2nd place with their song “Calm After The Storm” which featured a stunning performance that won many hearts across Europe. Furthermore, she also played a big part in Duncan Laurence’s Eurovision win last year.

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