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🇲🇦 KAN’s Foreign Editor calls for Morocco to return to Eurovision

Adding one more country into the mix?

Last week, Morocco became the latest country to agree to normalise relations with Israel. Now, a KAN journalist is calling upon the African nation to make a return to Eurovision for the first time in over 40 years.

Morocco last took part in the contest in 1980, when they scored just seven points in their only appearance at the contest. With Israel returning to the contest after a one-edition break in 1981, Morocco withdrew – and have not returned since. Could a return be on the cards in the upcoming years?

“Peace is here”

Writing on Twitter, KAN’s Foreign Editor and radio presenter Eran Cicurel shared his wishes for Morocco to return saying that, “Israel and the Eurovision community wants you back in the Eurovision game”.

It’s not the first time this year that Morocco and Eurovision have been mentioned together. Back in January, former Executive Supervisor, Jon Ola Sand, said that the EBU was in talks with Morocco regarding a return to the contest, to introduce more variation to Eurovision. The Moroccan broadcaster SNRT soon denied that any talks were taking place, saying that they were unaware of any discussions with the EBU.

Morocco at the Eurovision Song Contest

Morocco has taken part at the Eurovision Song Contest on just one occasion in 1980. Samira Bensaïd represented the North African nation with “Bitaqat Hub”, which finished in 18th place (second-to-last), with just 7 points. French-Algerian conductor, Jean Claudric, headed up the orchestra for Morocco.

“Bitaqat Hub” was the first and only song to date to be performed fully in Arabic. Morocco are also the only country from Africa to have ever taken part in the contest, despite Tunisia and Lebanon both announcing their intentions to participate in 1977 and 2005 respectively.

Would you like to see Morocco make a return to the contest? Do you think it would be possible in the coming years?

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  1. hey dude
    snrt and soread 2m Which are the only media outlet here in morocco are in a financial crisis so they can\’t afford to sponsor or host.
    and those are just propaganda tools from gov which 99% of the fund came. so I don\’t think morocco will come back sooner.

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