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🇨🇭Gjon’s tears & Reto Peritz reveal how they found their 2021 entry

Gjon's tears sang each of the 13 entries live for the jury.

Following on from the earlier news that a total of 20 songs were under consideration to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Gjon’s tears and Reto Peritz, the Head of Delegation, have today described the process as to how they found the perfect entry.

Thirteen songs were created at the songwriting camp, and these entries were then produced across the continent before being presented to a jury of 100 Swiss residents and 20 international experts.

Gjon’s tears sang all 13 before they were presented for consideration

Unlike in many other internal selections, where songs are submitted with demo vocalists, Switzerland wanted to make sure that Gjon’s tears sang each entry.

The jury of 100 Swiss residents and 20 international experts then judged these original 13 songs. Each song was assigned both points and internal feedback from the jury members.

Feedback consisted of potential improvements to be made to each entry, which was then incorporated into the final production of each of the 13 entries.

Judged both live and in studio

Once the production had been completed on the entries, Gjon’s tears then sang a live version of each entry. It was important for Switzerland to also receive feedback from the jury as to which entry sounded best with Gjon’s live voice.

“For me it was a strange experience because usually I ask the people around me and my family to give me their feedback about my songs. Here, it was like giving them to some people I don’t know at all. But finally, I really think that the people can feel when you also have the same feeling with the song and you think it’s a really good song for that format. At the end, I am super happy they knew which song to choose and I am super happy with the final results.

Gjon’s tears discussing the way the jury provided feedback and selected his entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Head of Delegation, Reto Peritz, also describes that he is very happy with the winning song and says “the title fits Gjon’s tears perfectly”. He also confirmed that Gjon co-wrote the title himself and that it has a title which will really stand out at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

The chosen entry will be revealed in the spring, with no firm date confirmed by the Swiss delegation.

Gjon’s tears was selected to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 by an internal selection, choosing “Répondez-moi” as his entry for Rotterdam. You can watch the official music video below:

In May, we took the opportunity to speak to Gjon’s Tears about his Eurovision participation and his career to date. In a 40 minute chat with us, Gjon’s took the time to answer our questions about the origins of his stage name, the development of “Répondez-moi” and the ties between the lyrics and his family’s heritage. You can watch the interview here:

Are you excited to discover the 2021 entry by Gjon’s tears? Was “Répondez-moi” one of your favourites in 2020? Let us know in the comments below and keep up to date with all the latest news by following ESCXTRA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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