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🇱🇻 Laura Rizzotto releases new single ‘Ross & Rach’

Laura Rizzotto has released new single ‘Ross & Rach’ alongside a ‘Friends’ themed music video. The Latvian-Brazilian singer represented Latvia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with the song ‘Funny Girl’.

Inspired by the 90s/00s American TV sitcom ‘Friends’, the fun music video was shot at Madison & Park Coffee Shop in Los Angeles and directed by Carolina Rizzotto. ‘Ross & Rach’ is Laura’s fourth single release following her Eurovision entry ‘Funny Girl’ after ‘Bonjour’, ‘Tightrope’ and ‘One More Night’.

The single is available to stream or download on all major platforms here


I don’t wanna wait another night for you to call back
You’ll be changing your mind
And only wasting my time

I don’t wanna wake up to another
“Girl, I want you” text
Yeah, my ego was blind
But after all that you’ve tried on me

I know who you are
And what you’re trying to do
You left my heart out on the fence,
But that was past tense
You won’t be trespassing my mind

I don’t want another break, love
What we had was never Ross and Rach, love
I can’t do this back-and-forth messing me up
I know you’re not the one
So let’s get over and done
I need a breakup
If I’m Monica, then you’re my Richard
Crossing paths don’t mean that this is where we end up
We’d never get far enough
So oh oh oh oh I need a-

You come and go like waves
And pull me under when I dive in
Nearly drowned me, but I’m
Oh, I’m following my own tide

Now, I’m back to shore
You want me more
Oh, what a sinking “situationship”
I, oh I’m no longer onboard for this ride

I know who you are
And I know what you’re trying to prove
You think my heart’s still on the fence
But I found my back way back in
Hope you enjoy staying outside


So I need you to know
That I loved you so
And if you loved me too,
Then you’d let me go
Boy, you gotta let me go

I don’t wanna break, love
I don’t want another break, love baby
Break love, baby
Break love

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