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🇺🇦 Go_A release “Shum”

Go_A channel the Shchekavytsia Hills in their latest single

They are the elctro-folk band who won the right to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020 with “Solovey”. Unfortunately due to the Covid_19 pandemic the contest was cancelled; however UA:PBC gave them the ticket to represent Ukraine in 2021. Now Go_A continue to explore their unique sound with their new song “Shum”.

About “Shum”

Go_A took to twitter about their new single, you can see below.

They also statedon their Instagram that “Shum” (translated from Ukrainian means “Noise” is a dark techno manifestation of the folklore of the Polissya region of Ukraine. Truly highlighting the band’s mission statement of telling Ukrainian folklore stories through their signature electro-folk sound.

It should come to no suprise that “Shum” won’t be the official Ukrainian entry for Rotterdam as it was confirmed on the official Ukraine at Eurovision account on Instagram.

Shum streaming centre

There are numerous ways to enjoy “Shum” whether it be

On YouTube

On Spotify

Or on Apple Music

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