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XTRA DECIDES: 🇮🇱 We choose ‘La La Love’ for Eden Alene

Welcome to XTRA Decides! In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. We are ranking the songs using the Eurovision style 12-1 scoring system. Today we decide our winner of Israel’s selection ‘HaShir HaBa L’Eurovizion’.

Eden Alene was already chosen to represent Israel at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, so in this national final we have a selection of three songs to choose from. After giving our scores, the team has chosen the song ‘La La Love’ to win the competition. Check out the thoughts of some of the team below…

Our Scores

SongTotalTom OAlineSamiMariaAngelosTom RNickCostaBenteTimJustasLisaDominkSeanVincent
La La Love1581210121010121281210121081010
Ue La La150108881281012881012121212
Set Me Free14281210128108101012881088


Tom R (12pts)

Without doubt, Eden was one of my favourite acts of 2020 – lots of personality, a wonderful song, and great potential for the stage. This year, I’m hoping she will deliver the same package and I think “La La Love” is the strongest song to take on that challenge with. It has a good grounded sound, with enough of a catchy beat for people to remember. Without a live performance to vote on though, I just hope the staging can live up to expectations too.

Aline (10pts)

As always, I love the way Israel combines ethnical sounds in their modern songs. However, I miss this ultimate vibe a bit in “La La Love”. Last year’s “Feker Libi” felt much better as it gave me that vibe only the best Israeli Eurovision entries can give me, “La La Love” doesn’t come even close to that feeling. I am a little bit disappointed.

Costa (8pts)

La La Love is a decently produced pop song, however, I cannot get past the tacky lyrics. It is far too soon in the pandemic for such explicit references to COVID. Even without that mark against it, it is still far beneath the quality of song Eden deserves. If this wins (which it might, based off polling I’ve seen), it would be the first confirmed downgrade of the 2021 season.

Lisa (10pts)

Last year Eden was one of the stand out acts for me. A charismatic performer that could deliver a vocal and bring the party! Finally having Eden’s stamp on these three new songs has fleshed them out and shows their full potential. However there can only be one Eurovision song called ‘La La Love’ which is why this is my second place. Also I’m over having to hear songs with virus themes in the middle of a global pandemic. Despite that, this has great production and the catchiest instrumental break that holds my interest enough to rank this second.

ESCXTRA reaction video for ‘La La Love’

Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest

Israel has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 41 times since making its debut in 1973. The country has won the contest four times. (1978, 1979, 1998, 2018), and has hosted the contest three times (1979, 1999 and 2019).

In 2020, Eden Alene was selected to represent Israel at Rotterdam. Another national final took place, which saw ‘Feker Libi’ chosen as their entry. Despite the cancellation of the 2020 contest, it’s been confirmed that Eden will represent Israel at the 2021 contest.

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