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πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ Hooverphonic’s Geike Arnaert will be part of Belgian TV show “Liefde Voor Muziek” this year

Flemish TV channel VTM has been organizing “Liefde Voor Muziek” since 2015, and has been a great success in Flanders ever since. Every year several covers make it to the Flemish charts. There will also be an edition in 2021. VTM announced the participants on 2 February.

Hooverphonic lead singer Geike Arnaert joins the line-up

VTM announced seven Belgian artists who will be part of “Liefde Voor Muziek” in 2021.

  • Emma Bale
  • Geike Arnaert
  • Willy Sommers
  • Cleymans & Van Geel
  • Tourist LeMC
  • Ronny Mossuse
  • Bert Ostyn (Absynth Minded)

As you can see, they added a Eurovision face there. Geike Arnaert recently returned to her colleagues Alex and Raymond and will also join them in Rotterdam. Between 1997 and 2008, she also used her voice to make the Hooverphonic songs sound very beautiful. She has also made solo music and she worked with Dutch band BLØF. Their song “Zoutelande” became a monster hit in 2017 in both Belgium and The Netherlands.

Eurovision faces joined previous editions

VTM invited some Eurovision faces before, here’s a short list of their covers.

2015: Kate Ryan

2017: Clouseau

2019: Laura Tesoro

2019: Ilse DeLange

2020: Tom Dice (as part of The Starlings)

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