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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Fleur East denies Eurovision rumours

Singer Fleur East has denied rumours about her involvement with the United Kingdom Eurovision entry in 2021.

Fleur East is no stranger to Eurovision rumours, last year there was speculation that she might be taking part. She at that time also indicated she could be open to doing the contest one day. Now, a year later, there are rumours about her again.

There is often very little official to report from the BBC at this point in the Eurovision cycle. As such, between January to March, speculation about who could be involved with the Eurovision entry runs high.

Fleur has now denied the latest rumours about her potential 2021 participation, according to @uk_eurovision, an unofficial news account, on Twitter. They asked her via Instagram, see her response below:

Why the speculation started for 2021

There were reports that Fleur had been working with the UK’s planned 2020 Eurovision representative James Newman on new music, as detailed in the above tweet. As ever, the natural conclusion was that Eurovision was a possibility. While there has been no announcement about James Newman’s involvement with the UK entry either, there was some speculation about his activities last summer.

James Newman’s “My Last Breath” was due to be the entry for the United Kingdom in the cancelled Eurovision Song Contest 2020. There is no known official announcement date for the UK’s 2021 entry. Last year, the UK entry was announced on the 27th February. Now that Fleur East has denied reports, speculators are back to square one.

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  1. She hasn\’t been able buy a hit record in years. Why do we suppose Europe Nd Australia will like her any better than we do?

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