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🇳🇴🇦🇲 Alexander Rybak and Sirusho collaborate on duet “Stay”

After the collab between Måns Zelmerlöw and Polina Gagarina, two other former Eurovision participants have found their way to each other aswell. He lives in Norway, she lives in Armenia. Alexander Rybak and Sirusho have been working together on a song called “Stay”. The song came out on 12 February.

News on Instagram and Twitter

Both Sirusho and Alexander have been promoting their work on social media. As soon as the Armenian singer announced that something exciting was about to come, people started guessing she got chosen to represent Armenia in Eurovision 2021. She soon made it clear that it was about something completely different. About this duet!

Alexander Rybak used instagram to express his pride for the result of this collab.

Listen to the song here

Sirusho and Alexander Rybak at the Eurovision Song Contest

The Armenian broadcaster chose Sirusho to represent her country in Eurovision 2008. With her ehtnic pop banger ‘Qele Qele’, she reached a 4th place which is still the best result of Armenia.

One year later, Alexander Rybak got to represent Norway. He did a bit better than a 4th place, because he won the entire Song Contest of 2009 with 387 points. In 2018, he returned to the contest with ‘That’s How You Write A Song’. He qualified to the final, but he couldn’t manage to win the contest two times. He finished 15th.

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