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🇸🇪 Emil Assergård: “My song is for everybody who suffered and had a hard year” [INTERVIEW]

He will compete with "Om allting skiter sig"

Before taking the stage in the third semi-final of Melodifestivalen, we had the chance to speak with Emil Assergård, who will debut in the competition this year with “Om allting skiter sig”. In our interview, we talked about his expectations, what song he entered for Melfest 2019 and what his plans for the rest of the year are.

“Don’t judge each other just spread love. Everybody can be wrong sometimes, but we also can be better persons in the end”

Unlike many other participating acts, Emil did not start his career with a casting show. Around 2010 he started to go through clubs and sing there. He started to write songs and his fan group got bigger and bigger. TV shows and bigger stages followed.

Emil’s been a big fan of Melodifestivalen for years. He points out, that his girlfriend is an even bigger fan of the competition (#RelationshipGoals) and is telling him everything he needs to know for the show. Of course, it is sad, that she can not be in the backstage area, but she will follow Emil’s performance very closely from home.

Talking about his career getting bigger and bigger, he can not say one special moment in his career so far, as he enjoys every performance and singing live.

Emil released his first two albums independently, before getting signed to Universal Music back in 2016. He says, that he started to believe in himself more when you have a record label believing in you but also work harder.

Emil entered his song “Leva Livet” back for Melodifestivalen 2019. He got told that he was not part of the show five days before the press conference. He released the song anyway and it got almost 6 million streams and is featured on his latest album.

Melodifestivalen 2021

This year he made it with the song “Om allting skiter sig” (eng.: If everything sucks/goes wrong) and it is a song about missing the audience and the concerts during the pandemic. The song was written in a songwriting camp last year. This year he got the confirmation he is part of Melfest in early November, so he knew it a bit earlier.

For the performance, he is trying to get the live concert feeling with a band he has on stage. Moreover, he uses LEDs are clips playing of concerts he had in the past. Emil talked about how weird it is to perform only for the camera, but you have to think at all the people behind them, who are watching.

After Melodifestivalen, he plans to release more singles and to give online concerts, so everyone can see him perform. He wrote a song together with Paul Rey and would love to work together with more artists from Melfest and in general, he loves writing music together.

You can watch our complete interview with Emil below:

Emil will be performing 2nd in the 3rd semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2021 for a place in the final. The show is due to take place on the 20th February 2021.

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