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🇳🇴 Raylee injures foot during MGP rehearsal

Bad news for Raylee’s fans… the singer has injured her foot during the final rehearsals of MGP. Raylee is set to take part in the final with Hero, but might need a hospital check before going on stage tonight…

New shoes…

The incident happened during one of the final rehearsals of Melodi Grand Prix yesterday. Raylee and her team have changed elements of her performance to prepare her for the final show. One of those elements is a new pair of shoes: stilettos, to be precise. Raylee spoke about the incident to Norwegian newspaper VG, stating:

We did a couple of tests today and practised the water scene to make sure everything works. But we’ve changed elements in the performance, including my shoes. I sat down on my chair and when standing up, I slipped.

Raylee to VG

As a result, Raylee now has a swollen ankle. At this point, she doesn’t know yet whether she’s broken anything. The 23-year old is considering a doctor’s appointment in the morning, to see what the damage actually is. If a cast needs to be put on her leg, Raylee will do so and continue performing. She states she will simply “put a pantyhose on” and get on with the show.

Luckily for Raylee, her partner Glenn Rune Olsen was attending the rehearsal. Olsen was able to apply tape to the singer’s ankle and apply ice to it, to make sure she would get through the night.

Source: @glennruneolsen – Instagram story

More issues for Raylee

Sadly for the Hero singer, her foot injury is not the only struggle she’s encountered in these past few weeks. After her semifinal, the amount of water that had landed on her during the performance and rehearsals caused a bladder infection. Raylee confirmed so last week. She added that she needed to penicillin to solve her issues.

Raylee will however always remain optimistic, saying that she can’t do anything but smile and move on. If anything, the incidents have made her even more excited for the big show. It really fits in with what she told during our interview a few days ago: There are no easy ways to get to the final and she will not go down without a fight.

The final of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix is set to take place at 20:00 CET. Raylee will be competing for the ticket to Eurovision with her song “Hero”. Watch her semi performance below!

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