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๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช Charlotte Perrelli: “Sometimes you need to take some risks to win”

Ahead of the Melodifestivalen 2021 final this weekend, we had the chance to speak to some of the competing artists. On this occasion, we managed to speak to Eurovision 1999 winner and Melodifestivalen veteran Charlotte Perrelli. She will be competing with her entry “Still Young”.

Speaking about returning to Melodifestivalen in 2021

We first started off talking about her return to this year’s contest with “Still Young”. I asked her about what made her return to the competition this year. Charlotte mentioned that it was the song. When Bobby Ljunggren (one of the writers of the track) initially sent her the song. She revealed that she made a connection to the entry. Charlotte rang Bobby to ask if he was thinking about Melodifestivalen.

When Charlotte recorded the vocals for the track, she mentioned that the track was perfect for her and that the stars were aligned. After recording the track, she rang Christer Bjorkman. She mentioned:

Last time in 2008, you called me. And said that you wanted me to listen to a song that you thought was perfect for me. Now I’m calling you

After their conversation, it seems Christer had a positive reception towards the song. Charlotte ended up being one of the 28 participants in this year’s competition.

Before her participation in 2021, Charlotte has competed twice in Melodifestivalen. First in 2012 with “The Girl” which placed 5th in the Semi-Final, and in 2017 with “Mitt liv” which placed 7th in the Semi-Final.


With this in mind, I asked her. “Were you hesitant in returning because of the results you got from your previous two participations?”, to which she said “No” but gave a more detailed answer as to why this is the case:

“I’m always trying to do my best. But I also realized quite a long time ago that being an artist is to open your heart, let people in. “

She mentioned that she felt that the song is so good, that the opportunity for her to participate in Melodifestivalen is there, that she can get to the final of Melodifestivalen at least, and that her participation felt right.

We continued on to talk about “Still Young”. I asked her what about the track that made her return to the competition. Charlotte mentioned the song has a strong melody, and that despite it having the schlager sound,the Pop elements of the track, made it sound like it is in line with the music in 2021 (in a schlager way).

In addition to the structure of the song, she also mentioned about the lyrical meaning of the song.

This song is totally about something else. This is; it’s not important how you look. The important thing is that you want to be strong, you want to be healthy, you want to feel that you have more to give. You want to be here in this beautiful place because you like it, and you have more things you want to experience.

She mentions how the times have changed, where previously if you have reached a certain age, people might say they’re old. However, in this day and age, they are “Still Young”.

Staging “Still Young” on the Melodifestivalen stage

We then continued on to talk about the staging for “Still Young”. I even commented on how it felt like I was watching a high-end fashion show. Charlotte mentioned that the creative team wanted to give something new to the viewers.

We wanted to give the audience something new. We have seen the girl or a boy on the spot, in the front of the stage with dancers in every number, every year.

She mentioned that she has done it, they wanted to give the viewers something new. The performance made use of the long stage where they used it as sort of a catwalk, and that the performance makes the most of the lighting, especially during the bridge of the track.

Ahead of the final, Charlotte has confirmed that there will be changes to the performance. However, this is mainly towards the lighting.

We rounded off talking about the performance, where I asked her how she felt when she went “Direkt til Finalen” in the 3rd Semi-Final. Charlotte mentioned she was relieved, and that it’s not just about her, but also the team she is working with for the performance, and that she felt for them.

How Eurovision has changed when she participated

Rounding off the interview, we talked about her Eurovision participation. Charlotte has participated twice. Once in 1999 (with Take Me To Your Heaven) and in 2008 (with Hero).

Charlotte went on to talk about the differences in her participation. An example of this would be the inclusion of the Semi-Finals, which Charlotte had to go through in 2008. She mentioned how it would be so fun to participate due to the changes in the format, and that it feels new.

When asked if she would be interested to compete and represent Sweden once again at Eurovision. Charlotte mentioned that it’s all about the song. Fans are asking when she will be back, but she mentioned that it’s not just her decision to make. She would still have to go through Melodifestivalen and win the competition. However, she did mention it would be an honor to compete and represent Sweden once again.

Rounding off the interview, Charlotte has confirmed that there is new music on the way, so stay tuned!

Find out more what Charlotte has to say by watching our interview right here:

Charlotte will be performing 6th at the Grand Final of Melodifestivalen 2021 for a chance to represent Sweden at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The show is due to take place on the 13th March 2021.

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