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🇮🇹 Ermal Meta releases new album ‘Tribù Urbana’

Less than a week after finishing 3rd at this year’s Sanremo, Ermal Meta has released his latest album ‘Tribù Urbana’.

Exploring a variety of genres

‘Tribù Urbana’, translated to English as ‘Urban Tribe’, comes 3 years after the release of his previous album ‘Non Abbiamo Armi’. It includes his Sanremo entry ‘Un milione di cose da dirti’ and ‘No Satisfaction’, which was released back in January.

The Eurovision 2018 participant told MTV Italia more about his new album:

“I wrote ‘Tribù Urbana’ putting myself in the audience, imagining that I was part of the audience and not of whoever is on stage. I put myself in the shoes of those who come to see my concerts. The sound of this record is a mixture of different things, I didn’t stay within a single genre, I tried to put into it a bit of everything I heard. I wanted to do something against the tide. This is a ‘strange’ record, to which I have worked with the desire for freedom and to run when we were not allowed to do so.”

Ermal Meta on the creation of Tribù Urbana

Moreover, in another interview with Soundsblog, he explained how he came up with the album name ‘Tribù Urbana’:

“The title ‘Tribù Urbana’ came to my mind once I had finished listening to all the songs. Humans tend to be close. The tribe is the soul that unites people. Our cities are more and more diversified, there are more and more colours. The urban tribe does not exist physically, like music, but it does.”

A desire to perform the album live

It’s evident that Ermal is hoping to get the chance to perform his new songs in front of an audience, as he tells here:

“I have an immense desire to bring this record live. Usually, I write, imagining I’m on stage. In this case, I wrote the songs, imagining myself in the audience. So many people go to concerts to sing to the music they listen to. I wrote songs to sing out loud. I had no “stadiums” on the horizon. COVID has put a spoke in the wheel, but there have been much more serious “sticks” than mine. We will come out different, changed forever despite the ability to forget the things that have hurt us.”

Ermal Meta speaking to Soundsblog

Listen to ‘Tribù Urbana’ via Spotify or Apple Music:

Ermal Meta at Eurovision

Ermal represented Italy with Fabrizio Moro after winning Sanremo in 2018 with the song ‘Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente’. In the grand final, they finished 5th with 308 points.

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