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πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡² Flo Rida will be on stage at Eurovision if circumstances allow

"He heard the song, loved it and wanted to participate"

Senhit has confirmed in an interview with Eurovision Planet that Flo Rida will be perform on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Rotterdam, as long as circumstances at the time allow.

Flo Rida features on San Marino’s entry, “Adrenalina”, alongside Senhit this year. He also co-wrote the song. Last week, a new version of “Adrenalina” featuring more vocals by Flo Rida was released. Senhit, who Flo Rida is planned to perform alongside, has previously represented San Marino at the 2011 and 2020 contests.

“He wants to participate”

Speaking in an interview with Eurovision Planet, Senhit has said that she has invited Flo Rida to the contest in May, and he does want to take part as he loves the song.

If circumstances allow it, of course Flo Rida will be on the Eurovision stage. I have invitied him. He heard the song, loved it and wanted to participate, so I invited him to come to Eurovision.

– Senhit, speaking to Eurovision Planet

In the case that Flo Rida cannot perform at the contest, Senhit added that back-up plans are in place.

If the situation does not improve, then we have other plans for action. The important thing is that the song, with or without Flo Rida, encourages you to move, dance and release your adrenaline. You are my adrenaline.

– Senhit, speaking to Eurovision Planet

Previously, when the song was released no announcement was made about whether Flo Rida would perform on the Eurovision stage, with the Sanmarinese Eurovision team saying that, “it’s yet to be decided if he will take part on stage in Rotterdam”.

Senhit at the Eurovision Song Contest

In 2011, Senhit represented San Marino in Düsseldorf (as Senit), with the song “Stand By“. Unfortunately, she failed to qualify for the Grand Final when she placed 16th in the semi-final.

Nearly ten years on, Senhit announced her return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, and after an online vote, it was announced that she will be singing “Freaky!” in Rotterdam. Despite the cancellation of the 2020 contest, Senhit was announced as San Marino’s entrant for the 2021 contest. She will perform the song, “Adrenalina”, in the first half of the second semi-final in Rotterdam on 20th May.

Are you excited to possibly see Flo Rida on the Eurovision stage? Do you like San Marino’s “Adrenalina”?

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