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馃嚨馃嚤 Rafa色: “I’ll have four dancers and one backing vocalist” [INTERVIEW]

With the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 just around the corner, ESCXTRA is sitting down with artists from this year to hear all about their songs, journey, and all things Eurovision! Simon had the opportunity to chat with Rafa色 from Poland, who is performing ‘The Ride’ in Rotterdam. In the interview, they discuss how Rafa色 came to be the Polish entry, which recent Eurovision act impressed him greatly, his favourite songs from this year and much more!

You can watch the full interview below:

Poland’s team of 12 to Rotterdam

Rafa艂 Brzozowski confirms their delegation will head to Rotterdam on 8 May, including the six that will be on stage. Himself, four dancers, and one backing vocalist. Then there’s staff from TVP and Rafa艂’s management. The Polish team are of course keen to get things underway and Rafa艂 speaks of the anticipation and appreciation that all the artists and crews involved in the contest will have to be able to undertake such a large live event in this troubled year. Watch the video to see what Rafa艂 has to say about the staging for ‘The Ride’; he’s keen to point out that recent TV performances aren’t a dress rehearsal for the Eurovision presentation!

A Polish juror for Eurovision 2019

A a member of Poland’s jury in 2019, Rafa艂’s full rankings are publicly available. His first place matched the overall winner of the polish jury vote. He was rather taken with the song and staging for Australia, praising Kate Miller-Heidke’s athletic and operatically precise delivery on, or rather, above the stage:

“Singing in a classical style with full voice, …it was really hard to sing, technically. And the idea of the song was something new for me.”

Rafa艂 Brzozowski

Internal selection for 2021

Rafa艂 hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 and shared a light-hearted moment with EBU’s Eurovision Supervising Executive, Martin 脰sterdahl. Martin knew Rafa艂 to be a performer and asked if he’d be looking to take part in the senior contest. Funny how things turn out… Watch to find out how Rafa艂 expects the conversation to go when he and Martin are face to face again in Rotterdam!

Back in November 2020, at the time of Junior Eurovision, Rafa艂 had no plan or expectation to take part in Eurovision 2021, but took his chance in collaboration with a Swedish songwriting and production team as TVP expressed a wish for an uptempo song this year, and seemingly ‘The Ride’ was up against a number of ballads on the table at TVP.

Among the 2021 participants, Rafa艂 expresses his liking of Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears’ voice and entry, as well as a couple of other challengers he favours this year.

Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Poland made their debut in Eurovision at the 1994 contest in Dublin. Edyta G贸rniak finished in second place with her song, 鈥淭o nie ja!鈥. It still remains as Poland鈥檚 best result to date.

Poland has since only made the top 10 on two further occasions 鈥 in 2003 and 2016. Ich Troje finished in seventh place in Riga, while Micha艂 Szpak finished in eighth place in Stockholm.

Since the semi-finals were introduced, Poland have qualified for the finals six times (out of a total of 14 attempts). Poland will be hoping to make it a seventh qualification this year, after failing to qualify in 2018 and 2019. Last year, Alicja was selected to represent Poland with her song 鈥淓mpires鈥, however the contest was cancelled. ‘The Ride’ will be the 23rd entry for Poland on the Eurovision stage.

Watch the full interview now to learn about Rafa艂, and ‘The Ride’. ESCXTRA wants to thank Rafa艂 for taking the time to chat with us, and we wish him all the best in Eurovision! Be sure to stay updated by following聽@ESCXTRA on Twitter,聽@escxtra on Instagram聽and liking our聽Facebook page聽for the latest updates!聽Also, be sure to subscribe to聽our YouTube channel聽to see our reactions to the news in the upcoming months.

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