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🇸🇪 Tusse: “I released the negative thoughts into a happy energy” [INTERVIEW]

As Eurovision 2021 is almost here, ESCXTRA continues their chats with this year’s artists. Wivian had the opportunity to talk with Tusse from Sweden, who is performing “Voices” in the first semi-final.

Tusse will perform 4th during the first semi-final on May 18. Our team had already reviewed his first and second rehearsals, so you can follow the links and check what they think.

You can find the full interview below:

Brief overview

The interview started with Wiv’s either/or questions so be sure to check Tusse’s choices! In Rotterdam Tusse mostly stays at the hotel and keeps himself busy combining school tasks and rehearsals. They discussed Tusse’s first rehearsal, outfits, music career, life experience influence on his current entry, free time activities, moving to Sweden (like hey, do you ever remember your first impression about the snow?), other entries of Eurovision 2021 and Harry Potter books and movies as well!

Some Eurovision related thoughts

We will have small changes with the camera stuff and so on but nothing major. I think we are pretty good!

Tusse on any further changes for his upcoming performance

When I am on stage with my song “Voices”, I feel the presence of every negative thought. I just release it and transform into a happy energy, hopeful energy. That pain can’t hurt me so it can only be useful like a sort of energy. I hope it can inspire other people.

Tusse on how his life experience influenced the performance of his song “Voices”

I like Iceland’s Dadi with “10 Years”. I think it’s really funky but I would love to make it like maybe a ballad. I am excited to meet him and maybe sing along.

Tusse on the entry he likes and could change something

What do you think of Tusse’s performance so far? Do you have Sweden as your favourite this year? Let us know! Be sure to stay updated by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates! Also, be sure to follow us on Spotify and YouTube to see our live streams in the run-up to Rotterdam!

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