Semi 1 qualifiers draw their halves for the Eurovision Grand Final

The ten qualifiers from the first semifinal have drawn their halves for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This draw determines whether they will perform in the first or the second half of the show on Saturday.

First or second half?

  • Norway: Second half
  • Israel: First half
  • Russia: First half
  • Azerbaijan: Second half
  • Malta: First half
  • Lithuania: Second half
  • Cyprus: First half
  • Sweden: Second half
  • Belgium: First half
  • Ukraine: Second half

During the press conferences after the second rehearsals, the automatic qualifiers already drew their half for the Grand Final. That ended as follows:

Below you can watch the press conference of the ten qualifiers of the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021! In there, each act will draw their half for the final.

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