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🇦🇩 Previous Eurovision representatives back the possibility of Andorra returning to the contest

Susanne Georgi says RTVE must aim to reach the final

As the debate about whether Andorra should return to Eurovision or not continues, Andorra’s six previous Eurovision representatives have all spoken out about the possibility of the microstate coming back to the contest. In an interview with Fan de Carpeta, they all expressed their wishes to see Andorra back in the contest in the near future.

In the past week, Susanne Georgi – who represented Andorra at Eurovision 2009 – has spoke out about how she has “big hopes and faith” that the country will take part in Eurovision 2022. Now, the other previous Andorran representatives have backed her plan to get Andorra back in the contest. 2008 representative Gisela added that it would be a way for Andorra to showcase their culture at an international event.

Looking at other small countries for support

Susanne Georgi, who has been calling for Andorra to return to Eurovision for several years, said in the interview that she has been in contact with other smaller nations that compete in Eurovision, including San Marino.

I have a lot of contact, for example with San Marino. In fact, the head of delegation has come here. Throughout this process I have had many contacts with these small countries and in fact this year they have succeeded – San Marino, Cyprus, Malta, Iceland.

– Susanne Georgi, speaking on Fan de Carpeta

In recent years, San Marino have shown that microstates can do well at Eurovision and make finals. In 2019, Serhat placed 19th, while Senhit (alongside Flo Rida) finished in 22nd place this year. Other smaller nations including Cyprus, Malta and Iceland also all made the final this year – with both Malta and Iceland finishing inside the top 10.

Georgi went on to add that she believes a “clear concept” is needed if Andorra was to succeed at Eurovision. She said that any possible entry would need to “create history” for Andorra in the contest.

I think we need to have a very clear concept, how we are going to represent the country, who is going to write the song, who is going to sing the song. We have to be more clear that we are going to win or go to the final at least. We are really going to create our history and to let people know that there is a lot of talent here in Andorra.

– Susanne Georgi, speaking on Fan de Carpeta

Time to promote Andorran culture

Gisela, who represented Andorra at Eurovision 2008, also contributed her opinion saying that a return to Eurovision would allow Andorra to promote their culture on a worldwide stage.

Eurovision is an international cultural event and there are many artists who have a lot to say. For Andorra, it is a advertising that would be important.

– Gisela, speaking on Fan de Carpeta

Andorra’s other past representatives Marta Roure, Marian van de Wal, Jenny and Anonymous’ Niki Francesca all added that they would like to see Andorra return to the contest soon. The artists said that returning to the contest is important for Andorra as a country.

Andorra withdrew from Eurovision after the 2009 contest in Moscow. While at the time, RTVA cited financial difficulties as their reason of withdrawal, Susanne Georgi has said that they always planned to withdraw if they failed to make the final in 2009. She said that this left “a lot of pressure and a lot of pain” on her shoulders.

The question about whether Andorra is ready to return to the contest is still an unanswered question. The Andorran broadcaster RTVA has confirmed their intentions not to participate in Eurovision 2022 to Eurofestivales, however no official announcement has yet been made.

Would you like to see Andorra come back to the contest? Do you think the backing of former Eurovision representatives will make RTVA want to return?

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  1. Please bring Andorra back to the contest after 12 years away and finally reach the final for the first time 🇦🇩

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