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🇮🇹 ‘ZITTI E BUONI’ enters Top 10 most streamed Eurovision songs in Spotify history and crosses 100 million streams

Records get broken

The Italian Eurovision winners from Måneskin still dominate the charts worldwide and already entered the Top 10 most-streamed Eurovision songs on Spotify. Already at No. 6 less than a month after the victory. Moreover, the song also crossed the magical number of 100 million streams on the platform today. It’s only the sixth Eurovision song reaching that milestone and nobody reached it that fast before!

Top 10 most-streamed Eurovision songs on Spotify

No.Country & YearArtistSongStreams*
1The Netherlands 2019Duncan LaurenceArcade410 M
2Italy 2019MahmoodSoldi182 M
3Sweden 2012Loreen Euphoria165 M
4Sweden 1974ABBAWaterloo131 M
5Sweden 2015Måns ZelmerlöwHeroes129 M
6Italy 2021MåneskinZITTI E BUONI100 M
7Sweden 2016FransIf I Were Sorry96 M
8Cyprus 2018Eleni FoureiraFuego86 M
9Iceland 2020Daði Freyr & GagnamagniðThink About Things85 M
10Israel 2018NettaToy74 M
*from June, 14th 2021

Less than a month after the victory, ‘ZITTI E BUONI’ already reached more than 100 million streams on Spotify and made it into the Top 6 most streamed Eurovision songs in Spotify history. The song still gets around 2 million streams each day at the moment.

This years Italian winning song is the Eurovision song that reached 100 million the fastest, just 3.5 weeks after the Eurovision final. ‘Arcade’ reached 100 million streams in April 2020, 11 months after the victory in Tel Aviv.

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