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🇹🇷 TRT director general confirms Eurovision talks have resumed

Will we see Turkey back for the 2022 contest?

In an interview with tabloid newspaper Milliyet, the director general of Turkish broadcaster TRT has given fresh hope for many Turkish Eurovision fans, confirming that talks with the EBU regarding the contest are active once more.

‘Our colleagues started talks with new Executive Supervisor’

Journalist Ali Eyüboğlu, posed the question to TRT’s director general, İbrahim Eren, during a discussion on the future of the public broadcaster. Eyüboğlu asked Eren why the corporation were against participating at the contest and whether there was any update to the situation. To which the director general responded;

Regarding Eurovision, TRT made the decision a while ago. They said, that ‘without a change in the voting system, Turkey would not participate again’. The Board of Directors are still behind this decision however we are talking with the EBU again. They have a new, very good Executive Supervisor from North Europe.

Eren went on to praise the organisers of this year’s contest and unlike on previous occassions, did not directly dismiss the possibility of a return.

I think this year Eurovision was really successful. After many years they did a very good show. Our colleagues started talks with the new Executive Supervisor. I don’t know what will happen.”

While it’s still clear that Eurovision is not seen as priority by the Turkish broadcaster, it’s apparant that relations between the broadcaster and the EBU are a lot better now than previously reported. Turkey last participated at the contest in 2012 where they finished 7th place in the grand final with “Love Me Back” , performed by Can Bonomo.

Would you be happy to see Turkey return to the contest soon? We’ll keep you up to date with any further developments!

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