🎵 New Music Friday – This week with Polina Gagarina, Bilal Hassani, Erika Vikman, and more!

New tunes for your playlist!

We reached the end of another week and what is the best about that? Of course, new music from your favorite Eurovision artists. We put together some of this week’s releases in this article. To never miss a new release you can follow our weekly updated New Music Friday playlist on Spotify. Let us know in the comments, which one is your fave release of the week… there are so many to chose from so let’s go!

Polina Gagarina – VCHERA (eng.: Yesterday)

After her duet with Måns earlier this year, Polina keeps delivering! This week she dropped her banger VCHERA! The modern up-tempo song with futuristic sound elements and Polina’s perfect vocals wows with the song and the music video for it. Polina is dancing on a highway surrounded by cars and lights. Russian Queen of Pop! You can listen to her new release below:

Bilal Hassani – Baby

Bilal is back with his new single “Baby” and damn, what a song. The song features French and English lyrics. The mid-tempo song with rhythmic beats is what is perfect for the hot summer days. Bilal wrote on Instagram: “Get ready to dance, summer starts next Friday”. Summer is not over… it is starting now! Listen to “Baby” below:

Erika Vikman – Erika Vikman (Album)

Hold on to your wigs cos they are about to fly off! Finnish Queen Erika Vikman just released her debut album and it’s full of bangers! Leading the way is the new single “Aikuisten rannekkeet” which is a disco-pop anthem and the perfect song for any song. Erika always drops brilliant pop and this album is something you need to check out! “Cicciolina” and “Syntisten pöytä” are also part of the party ofc! Listen to her album below:
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