New Music Friday – this week with Alexandra Rotan, Pam Rabbit ft. Benny Cristo, Aitana & more!

Another week comes to an end and that means it’s New Music Friday! So it’s time to share the best new releases from the Eurovision world this week. Over the following pages is everything you need to know for your weekend playlists!

Alexandra Rotan – ‘Ikke Som De Andre’

Many of you will have noticed Alexandra has been away from her KEiiNO bandmates lately. Not to worry though, she is just taking part in the Norwegian reality singing competition Stjernekamp 2021. Where famous artists take on different music genres in a weekly elimination format. ‘Ikke Som De Andre’ or ‘Not Like The Others’, sees Alexandra take on the Norwegian Indie hit by Sondre Justad with her own ethereal vocal twist. As well as updating the production with modern pop beats.

Pam Rabbit ft. Benny Cristo – ‘We’re All Gonna Fly’

Next up in the Czech Republic we have a two for the price of one deal on New Music Friday. This week Pam Rabbit of Eurovision CZ 2019 fame teams up with the Czech representative of Eurovision 2020 and 2021, Benny Cristo. Together they recapture their misspent youth with this angst-filled rebellious anthem that reminds us to enjoy life while we can. The combination of Benny’s edgy rap rhymes with Pam’s pop-punk side blends well in this reimagination of Pam’s original single ‘We’re All Gonna Die (Positive Song).

Red Moon – ‘Phase 2:22’ (EP)

Once known to us as Debrah Scarlett, today the 2015 Norwegian representative goes by her alter ego, Red Moon. Although in a new orbit now as she releases her latest EP. With 4 tracks Phase 2:22 sees Debrah blend her haunting vocals with a more uplifting Indie sound. Each tells their own unique story. For those that want a weep, ‘True Connection’ is your jam. While ‘Thirsty’ offers some rock angst and ‘Gut Feeling’ is the electronic anthem with hints of 80s touches of the EP.

Daniel Oliver – ‘The Worst Time’

Well it is certainly not the worst time when Söngvakeppnin star Daniel Oliver has a new song for us! Following on from ‘Feels Like Home‘ and ‘Jaded‘, new single ‘The Worst Time’ is the third release from his upcoming debut album. In keeping with the 80s theme, this new single takes a more laid back post-Summer vibe as Daniel reflects on the lessons learned from a bad relationship.

Since I’m not a native English speaker, my dear friend and often mentor, Karl Batterbee co-wrote the lyrics with me on nearly every song on the album, to give it the depth and credibility that it needed. Overall I am very proud of the body of work we created and I can’t wait until the rest of the songs get released.

Daniel Oliver

With the album well on the way and national final season around the corner, we wondered if the return of Söngvakeppnin might encourage a return for Daniel. However he remans tight-lipped, but always grateful to the opportunities the Icelandic selection has presented.

Everything that has to do with Söngvakeppnin is fun and it’s exciting to be a part of that kind of a machinery. But I promised my self that I wouldn’t try for it again until I feel like I have reached another level as a songwriter and a performer. So this album is definitely a step in the right direction.

Daniel Oliver

Anna Bergendahl, Tyler Rich – ‘Bottom Of This Bottle’

Sweden’s Eurovision 2010 star is back for New Music Friday and now Anna Bergendahl is sharing her kingdom with US country music star Tyler Rich. From Stockholm to Nashville this is a whiskey-soaked dive bar anthem speaking to all those that need a good drink from the top shelf after the last two years! The rich bluesy vocals of both complementing each other well.

Mitch Tambo – ‘Heal (Yulu-gi Version)’

First Nations Gamilaraay artist Mitch Tambo delighted us at Australia Decides 2020 with his inspirational anthem ‘Together’. Now he’s back and uniting us all through his powerful music once more. In this remixed version of ‘Heal’, Mitch brings together his traditional roots with fresh dancehall beats. However, this is an anthem of sorrow and overcoming grief. Originally this song was written as an expression of Mitch’s grief and personal journey after losing his father to cancer in 2012. But there is a hopeful message to us all in how we move forwards. Which makes this a very timely song for the feelings of loss and pain that we have felt during the pandemic.

Aitana – ‘Berlín’

Up next is ‘Lo Malo‘ star, (yes we’re still not over that one!) and Latin Grammy nominee, Aitana. Far removed from those Operación Triunfo days, Aitana has now crafted a career in empowering heartbreak anthems. One of Spain’s rising stars, she is back with music for the soul in ‘Berlín.’ Although you might be more familiar with her viral McDonald’s campaign of late! This seemingly light-hearted tropical laced bop is hiding a darker story. Here Aitana imagines what it would be like if she left her long term partner and Netflix actor Miguel Bernardeau.

Sasha Lopez x Ester Peony – ‘Tatoué’

Despite not qualifying to the 2019 Eurovision grand final, Ester Peony has continued her path to stardom in the Romanian music industry. Of late, Ester has taken inspiration from her early years in Montreal to provide some French flair to her music releases. Recently she gave us a revamped banger version of Indila’s famous track ‘Dernière Danse‘, one of her all time favourite songs. Now Ester puts her third language to use on the original ‘Tatoué’. Here she teams up with Moldovan deep house producer Sasha Lopez to tattoo an injection of Latin castanets flair with hypnotic French class.

Magnus Carlsson – ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’

Never giving us up on New Music Friday is Magnus Carlsson. Formerly of Barbados and Alcazar the Swedish singer returns with 80s gusto. Not just any 80s that you have heard popularised over the past two years. No, this is a time warp back to the classic made famous by Rick Astley. Yes, that Rick Astley that became the bane of the internet’s popular ‘Rickroll’ meme! Although, slightly updated with a hint of tropical modern notes to the Summer feels of the original.

Daneliya Tuleshova – ‘Lucky Me’

Last, but of course not least the Junior Eurovision and Americas Got Talent star Daneliya Tuleshova returns this week. From Kazakhstan to America’s newfound sweetheart, this teen sensation shows maturity beyond her years in her latest English language single. Meanwhile, she’s feeling lucky in love in this heartfelt anthem that will speak to those just starting their first relationships and the giddy feelings of a first crush.

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