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🇨🇾 Cyprus to hold a National Final in 2023

Cyprus already have 2023 plans!

Whilst some nations have got their Eurovision 2022 preparations in full swing; some are looking a bit further, Cyprus are one of them nations. The head of Greek record company; Panik Records George Arsenakos has revealed that Panik and RIK (the Cypriot national broadcaster) has agreed a “talent show” format that will choose the Cypriot entrant in 2023.

A talent show must have a strong prize

In this interview Arsenakos stated the following in regards to his own Panik TV network.

Television is something I did not know about…I am thinking of continuing it as long as it helps my work.

George then elaborated on this regarding his new project on becoming a talent show runner. This is what he had to say about modern talent shows and the prize that they must offer to attract the best talent.

I have understood that, in addition to a strong format, in order to have good participations, you must also put in a very strong prize. 

I can say that we as Panik have talked to RIK, the state channel of Cyprus, and we will take over the representation of the country in Eurovision in 2023. So whoever wins in the new talent show, which we are preparing, will represent Cyprus in Eurovision in 2023. I consider it a very strong prize, which will bring very good participations.

Cyprus’ recent National Final history

The last time Cyprus held a national final was back in 2015. Eurovision Song Project was held over nine weeks. John Karayiannis was the winner with the guitar led ballad “One Thing I Should Have Done”. In Vienna it qulified in sixth place with 87 points. In the final Karaiyannis finished in 22nd place with 11 points.

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