🎵 New Music this week from Benjamin Ingrosso, Brendan Murray, Francesca Michielin, Emmelie De Forest & more!

New songs for your playlist!

This past Friday some of your fave Eurovision artists dropped new tunes. In this article, we will present you with some of the brand-new releases. Moreover, you can also follow our weekly updated New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify to never miss a new release! Listen, add them to your playlist and let us know which new release is your fave in the comments below.

Benjamin Ingrosso – Not Anybody’s Fault

Our fave Benji just dropped his new single and his first English song in a while. The song was written for an English album that was ready before he decided to release music in Swedish. He played the song on tour before COVID and the crowd loved it. Benji also promised more English music in the future. Tho, we love him singing in English AND Swedish!

On Instagram Benjamin wrote:

This release is a special thanks to everyone out there who has supported me and my music since day 1. Before I decided to release music in Swedish I had a full album in English ready, this song was one of my favorites on it. I played it at the last tour I had almost 2 years ago before COVID made live shows impossible. Since then some of you guys have been asking for it and about 2 months ago you started a little social media campaign, challenging me and the record label to release it this specific date, of course we want to do anything to make you guys happy so here it is!!! Thanks for listening! Hope you like it! #notanybodysfault

Listen to “Not Anybody’s Fault” below:

Brendan Murray – Little Island

With “Little Island” Brendan delivers a personal pop track. The song feels very intimate based on the lyrics. The sound has an uplifting feel and fits perfectly with his brilliant vocals. It is a story about meeting that one person and getting to know each other. The song was written by Brendan himself together with Mark Caplice and Robert Grace.

Listen to “Little Island” here:

Emmelie De Forest – Typical Love Song

When making a tribute to an absolute classic there is a certain courtesy that must be taken into consideration. When the hit-focused new label DIDO wanted to mix the old with the new – the songwriting team, together with vocalist and songwriter Emmelie de Forest made a refreshing interpellation of the world hit ‘Big In Japan’ and ‘Typical Love Song’ was made. ‘Typical Love Song’ makes an extraordinary and energizing blend using the original chorus melody but with a fresh and modern twist. The original copyright owners – the German 80’s pop group Alphaville – absolutely loved the track and cleared the interpellation straight away.

Listen to “Typical Love Song” below:

Francesca Michielin – Nei tuoi occhi (eng.: In Your Eyes)

Francesca’s new single is for the new Italian movie Marilyn ha gli occhi neri (Marilyn has black eyes). The modern production works perfectly with her voice. The song seems timeless and it is just a great song for your playlist. On Instagram, she wrote: “It had been a long time since I went back to the studio to write and produce something, and it was magical to work on it diving into my heart.”

Listen below:

Ash Haynes (The Mama’s) – Say So

The Mama’s will release their EP this fall. A new song off of it is Ash’s own song called “Say So”. Just like for their last EP each of The Mama’s will have their own song on it. “Say So” is a funky pop song that let’s you easily groove and dance to it. They are amazing as a group, but also soooo talented each one alone. Can’t wait to hear more from them.

Listen to “Say So” here:

Dami Im – Pray

Australian 2016 runner-up, Dami Im, released her new single “Pray” this Friday. The mid-tempo song is full of soul and features a gospel choir. Dami shows once again what power she has with her music and her voice. Hallelujah! Moreover, she announced this weekend, that her brand new album “My Reality” will come out Oct. 29th!

Listen to “Pray” below:

Måneskin – MAMMAMIA

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