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BBC outline plans for Eurovision 2022, collaboration with TaP Music

The BBC have published their plans for the United Kingdom’s entry at Eurovision 2022, to be held in Turin, Italy. They are collaborating with the global publishing and management company TaP Music to choose a song and act to represent the UK on the stage in Turin.

The BBC were among the 41 broadcasters who were announced yesterday as taking part in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This announcement was followed by the BBC making an announcement of their own, revealing the details of how next year’s entry will be sourced.

In 2020/2021, the BBC worked with BMG Music to produce the UK entry, ultimately leading to James Newman’s participation. This year, TaP Music will be the BBC’s collaboration partner, as outlined below:

For the 2022 Contest the BBC and BBC Studios will be collaborating with TaP Music, the global music publishing and management company behind some of the world’s most successful pop artists, such as Dua Lipa, Lana del Rey and Ellie Goulding, in order to choose a song and act that will represent the United Kingdom in the biggest and most watched music contest on the planet.


As you can see, TaP Music has some very big names associated with it, which gives them a commendable track record.

The plan, so… far

The BBC and TaP Music have both affirmed their commitment to providing an entry that will ‘tap into some great musical talent’ (Kate Phillips, BBC) and ‘reflect and celebrate the rich, diverse and world-class talent the UK is known for’ (Ben Mawson, TaP Music).

Britain has a great track record of making amazing pop music and we should be doing as well as possible. Eurovision is not simple… but it’s not as political as people think.

Ben Mawson, TaP Music

Some of the artists associated with TaP Music and their plan to create an ‘A-Team committee’ have given their comments on the UK’s plans for Eurovision 2022:

“I’m a proud Brit whilst also being a proud Kosovan… I’m happy to lend my manager to the cause… I’ll be cheering them on!”

Dua Lipa

“British pop music has led the world for seven decades now. The legacy and continued impact it has, makes it one of our Nation’s greatest success stories. In a changing world, we must find new ways for it to continue to thrive. There aren’t many televised events that are as big and genuinely global as Eurovision, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to remind the world yet again of the depth and diversity of our talent. I can’t wait to see what gems our friends at Tap Music will unearth”

Sir Elton John

United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest

It will be news to few people that the United Kingdom has struggled in recent Eurovision Song Contests. Despite getting an automatic pass to the final, the UK’s most recent two entries, ‘Bigger Than Us’ by Michael Rice, and ‘Embers’ by James Newman, finished in last place, with the latter gaining the infamous ‘nul points’. The last time the UK made the top 10 was in 2009.

Michael Rice won the BBC’s national final format ‘Eurovision: You Decide’. James Newman was, as above, selected internally with collaboration with a record label.

Undoubtedly the aim for TaP Music and the BBC at Eurovision 2022 is to make an improvement upon the above results.

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