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ABBA release first ever Christmas single ‘Little Things’

ABBA’s song ‘Little Things’, from their new album Voyage has received a Christmas video in time for the December holidays.

ABBA have chosen ‘Little Things’ as the newest single from their comeback album Voyage, and have been going on a round of promotion for it, including a Christmas video, that was premiered today.

Voyage will be the final ABBA album, and ‘Little Things’ is the third announced single from it. The first two singles were ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’, released earlier this year ahead of the album’s release in November.

‘Little Things’ is Christmas-themed lyrically. The song talks about the joy of children opening presents on Christmas morning, and other moments of happiness associated with the holiday. The song includes a children’s choir towards the end and finishes with the line ‘it could be a song that my grandma sings’.

The video shows children acting as ABBA in a lovely Christmas setting. Watch the video below:

ABBA’s return with Voyage

ABBA returned this year after a 40-year absence from producing brand new music. Voyage stormed the charts across the world, breaking the pre-order record in the UK and achieving a top 10 single with ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’. In its first weeks Voyage sold 204,000 copies across the UK. The album also dominated the charts in Sweden, Australia and became ABBA’s highest-ever charting album in the USA, reaching no. 2 there. Voyage made it to no. 1 in 19 countries overall.

ABBA announced that Voyage would be their last album, and will follow it up with an accompanying tour. The Voyage tour will see ABBA appear as virtual versions of themselves from 1979, with tickets available here.

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