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Gonzalo Hermida tests positive for Covid-19 and will miss Benidorm Fest

The entry's video clip will be used in place during Thursday's semi-final

Gonzalo Hermida has tested positive for Covid-19 and will therefore miss Benidorm Fest this week. The video clip for his entry “Quién lo diría” will be played instead during the second semi-final. As a result of his positive test, the Benidorm Fest press conference scheduled to take place later today has been cancelled.

All semi-final 2 participants will now isolate until they return a negative Covid-19 test. The participants of the semi-final met at an outdoor press conference yesterday. Benidorm Fest will begin tomorrow, with the first semi-final, with four acts to qualify for Saturday’s final. Gonzalo Hermida has said on Twitter that he is “broken” as he thanks fans “for the love and support”.

Music video to be used in place

Last week it was announced that, as a precaution, if a competing artist tests positive for Covid-19 in the run-up to Benidorm Fest, they will not perform live. In this case, different scenarios will come into play depending on what performances are available.

If the performer in question has completed their first rehearsal, then that will be used as the competing clip in the competition proper. If the performer tests positive before their first rehearsal, then the official music video for the entry will be played instead. Some entries do not have official music videos and in this final case, the song will be played along with a photo montage of the artist.

As Gonzalo Hermida had not had his first rehearsal yet, the video clip will be played in place of a live performance during the second semi-final of the national selection on Thursday.

“Gonzalo, obviously, is not in a good mood. In their absence, RTVE have confirmed that their video clip will be broadcast in the semi-final and people will be able to vote for it” (translated from Spanish)

The Spanish delegation leader, Eva Mora, commented that recording reserve performances for these scenarios was impossible due to a lack of time.

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