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XTRA DECIDES: πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ Maria Mohn is our MGP last chance winner

XTRA Decides continues this Eurovison 2022 season. In this special we are ranking each round of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2022 national selection. Maria Mohn with the song ‘Fly’ has been chosen by the team to win the ‘Last Chance’ round.

Our Scores

Maria Mohn – Fly926
Mari Bølla – Your Loss752
TrollfesT – Dance Like A Pink Flamingo580
Kim Wigaard – La Melodia470


Sean (12pts)

This is a delightful surprise from a Melodi Grand Prix that’s been pretty lackluster this year overall. The obvious first big plus is Maria’s amazing voice. From the opening melodic line, her voice is captivating and transports you into the world of the song. It absolutely soars, as a song called “Fly” requires. The general vibe of the song is also pretty unique. It’s not really operatic but it feels almost… renaissance? It feels really folky and traditional without feeling dated. One of the few songs this year in MGP worth more than one or two listens. In a just world this would curbstomp the rest of the competition. It would be interesting to see a song like this in Eurovision, and I have no clue how it would place there, but this should be right at home in the MGP final.

Lisa (12pts)

‘Fly’ is exactly what I come to Melodi Grand Prix for, as you won’t find songs like this from anyone else. From the ‘Nocturne’ inspired violin melody, to the tribal drums and anthemic choir. Everything about this works and it takes you on a really powerful experience as Maria’s vocals soar with the instrumentation. This is the true origin story of Norway and its rich culture. After listening to this I just want to rewatch all of Vikings again!

Bente (10pts)

If I had to compose a song and make it sound as MGP as possible, this is what I would come up with. Is that a bad thing? Not at all! This is a wonderful song with a haunting melody and vocals that you remember easily even after hearing the song only once. This is definitely one of the stronger songs in the Norwegian national final this year, and I hope it does very well.

The Melodi Grand Prix 2022 Final

This Saturday the four acts will compete for the last ticket to the final. While on Monday we only saw the performances from the semi-finals, on Saturday all four songs will be performed again. The winner will join these nine songs in the final:

Northkid – “Someone”
SubWoolfer – “Give That Wolf A Banana”
Christian Ingebrgtsen – “Wonder Of The World”
Anna-Lisa Kumoji – “Queen Bees”
Elsie Bay – “Death Of Us”
Frode Vassel – “Black Flowers”
Farida – “Dangerous”
Oda Gondrosen – “Hammer of Thor”
Sofie Fjellvang – “Made of Glass”

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